Who needs to hire an attorney for collections?

If your business finances goods or services undoubtedly you have unpaid invoices.  In other words, you are owed money.  In the past you wrote/charged off the unpaid balance or placed the debt with a collection agency that called the debtor and sent letters with occasional success.  Maybe you hired an attorney to sue the debtor, spent money on court cost and legal fees only to have a paper judgment but never actually collecting any money.

Consider Andrew Murrell Law Firm for your business’s collection needs for the following reasons:

  1. Our firm complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) meaning we protect your business from liability resulting from unfair collection practices;
  2. We actively search for your debtors using skip tracing tools and investigation techniques to uncover your debtors location, assets, debts, and ability to pay; and
  3. Our targeted approach to collections means when we recommend you pursue a debtor through a lawsuit, investing your time and expenses in court cost, your percentages of recovery are raised exponentially.

In other words, we work hard for you to collect money.  Why?  Andrew Murrell Law Firm works on contingency basis.  In other words, we only get paid when you get paid.